Who we are?

Welcome to Jai, your one-stop solution for home and commercial maintenance

We are a specialized company in home and commercial maintenance, and we believe that regular maintenance is essential for keeping buildings and equipment in good condition and preventing unexpected breakdowns that can lead to major financial and technical losses.

However, we have noticed that the maintenance market in Saudi Arabia suffers from many problems, such as the abundance of misleading offers, the lack of price transparency, and poor quality, which causes customers to waste time and money.

Therefore, we decided to launch the Jai application, which is an electronic application that provides home and commercial maintenance services in an innovative way that relies on the sharing economy.

Through the Jai application, you can easily request maintenance services from a team of experienced and qualified technicians, at competitive prices, and at a time that suits you.

We also adhere to the highest quality standards in accordance with Saudi specifications to ensure that you receive a high-quality maintenance service that meets all your needs.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable maintenance company that provides you with high-quality services at competitive prices, then Jai is the perfect choice for you.