How to place a request?

Very simple… all you have to do is to is select the service you want, then make sure your location been selected correctly, finally pick your favorite handyman , that’s it your order been placed. Our service is immediate so shortly our man will knock your door.

How to know which service should I select?

Here we will mentioned most common service picking mistakes:
*To install curtains you need to select Carpentry service
*if you want to fix your fridge please choose Home Appliances not A/C
*Lastly extractor fan installation can be done by electricity technician not a plumber.

What are Jai's working hours?

Jai App is in serve 24/7. However, Approve the order depends on the availability of the Handyman in your area at the meantime.

How much does the detection cost?

The detection fees is on us, totally free.

Is there a warranty for services?

Sure, there is a thirty-days warranty on all services, is case the problem back just contact us and never worry.

How the pricing is done?

Most of the services have fixed prices you can find them on the app under "Price list" otherwise services not priced being offer for same its market price, in case handyman gave you different price than it says on price list just contact us on 966566161332

What if your repair issue back again?

All our work has a thirty-days guarantee in all services, in case your main repair issue back again, just contact us on our number at 966566161332 or by Whatsapp on +966550601006.

Do I have warranty if I canceled my request, and dealing with the technician personally?

Jai shall not be liable for any damages, liability or losses arising of cancelation of the request and having direct or indirect agreement with the handyman without using Jai platform.

How long does it takes to contact me after placing a complaint?

Usually it takes 24 working hours to response to your complaint, again never worry with Jai, like never, whatever your issue is we can handle it.

What if handyman being late?

In case handyman being late contact us directly on 966566161332 to do the required following up.

Can I delay my order?

Yes! You are able to push your order until 48 hours, maybe more in some cases.

What is the payment options?

Well, currently we accept cash only; but, very soon you will have more options.